Consolidated Arts Corporation (Con-Arts) was created as a framework for a variety of art projects in emulation of corporate structure, thus legitimizing the widely-held suspicion that art is not an entirely serious business.


The extreme subjectivity of art markets has always been... suspect. In fact, like any philosophy,

or religion, the very definition of art always comes down to a matter of opinion, i.e., "I don't know much about art but I know what I like."


The search for acceptance the illusiveness of absolutes and the thousands of ways we trick ourselves into believing one reality over another is the relativist dream and nightmare. It is also art's playground.


When do the trappings of authority become actual authority? When we say so!


As an exercise in branding, Con-Arts was meant to emphasize it’s own illegitimate authority and undermine the contrivances bearing it’s brand.


Con-Arts is “Making Belief” because the desire and the will to believe and be believed may be the truest path to good faith and the possibility of meaningful art.


Hurray Pure Hooey, Hurray!

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